Upon delivery, the items I wish to dispose of are unable to fit through the lift. How can I proceed?

If our delivery crew is unable to proceed with the disposal service via the lift at the point of delivery (eg. Furniture is unable to fit into the lift, lift unserviceable upon delivery crew's arrival, refusal of lift access by building management, etc.), FortyTwo will assess (at our discretion) the feasibility of the disposal service via the staircase in a non-hazardous manner.

Should the staircase be deemed safe, additional charges per item will apply. Click here to read more about the applicable Staircase Fees.

To find out more about our disposal services and the relevant charges, please visit the following link: https://support.fortytwo.sg/hc/en-us/articles/115005837663-Can-you-remove-my-old-furniture-from-my-home-when-I-receive-the-delivery-of-my-new-furniture-

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