FortyTwo's Delivery Team performs deliveries daily to most areas in Singapore from 9:30am to 6:30pm, Tuesday to Sunday (excluding public holidays). The availability of delivery time slots each day is subject to the availability of delivery capacity. The estimated delivery time for your delivery depends on the area that your delivery address is located, and is subject to traffic and weather conditions.

42EXPRESS deliveries follow a different delivery schedule. For information about 42EXPRESS delivery, please click here.

The delivery date/time that you have chosen only serve as an indication of your preferred delivery timing. We strive to keep to your preferred timing, but on rare occasions, the timing may be subjected to change due to scheduling constraints.

For deliveries fulfilled by FortyTwo, an SMS notification will be sent to you with your confirmed delivery timing one (1) business day before your delivery. FortyTwo will ensure that the best effort is made to schedule your delivery within your preferred time slot.

Should FortyTwo face difficulties in fulfilling your order within your preferred timing, you will be contacted one (1) business day before your preferred date of delivery to notify you of any change to the preferred date or time that you have chosen.

If you have chosen to make your payment via cash on delivery, please ensure that you have the exact amount of cash for payment, as our delivery staff may not be able to provide enough change for your payment. If you are expecting to have more than 1 delivery team fulfilling your order, you may make the payment for the entire day's worth of deliveries to the last delivery team. For example, if your order needs to be delivered by 3 delivery teams with deliveries that are spread across 2 days, please make the payment each day to the last delivery team for the total value of the items delivered within that same day.

For deliveries to private properties, especially for condominiums, please check with your property management on their bulky item delivery regulations and necessary paperwork (if required) for us to perform the delivery on your preferred date and time. This is to ensure that the delivery can go smoothly as there have been many situations where our delivery team were not able to perform their delivery, as they are prevented from entering the premises by the property security (guard house) due to the lack of prior arrangements. You may contact us at with your order number and address should you discover a need for such arrangements to be made, so as to prevent any disappointment on the day of delivery.

Do ensure that the lift(s) in your building are serviceable and provide suitable access to the same level for the delivery of your order items.

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