How do I choose my preferred delivery date/time?

You can choose your preferred delivery date/time upon hitting the checkout page. There will be no deliveries scheduled between 6pm-7pm as this timeslot is set aside for vehicle loading at the FortyTwo warehouse

In general, FortyTwo's Delivery Team performs deliveries to most areas in Singapore from 0930 to 1830, Monday to Saturday (excluding public holidays). The estimated delivery time for your order to be delivered to you depends on the area zone of your delivery address. 

The following image depicts the estimated delivery time for different area zones in Singapore for general reference:

The delivery date/time that you have chosen only serves as an indication of your preferred delivery timing to FortyTwo and is rarely subjected to change. FortyTwo makes its best effort to fulfil your order during your requested time slot.

You will receive an SMS from FortyTwo at least one day before the date of delivery to notify you of your confirmed delivery time.

Should FortyTwo face difficulty in fulfilling your order within your preferred timing, you will also be contacted the day before your preferred date of delivery to notify you of any change to the preferred date or time that you have chosen. 

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