What is Lowest Price Matching?

We will match the price of the product a customer has purchased within the past 14 days of price matching request, based on the following conditions:

  • The product which the customer is requesting a price match is exactly identical to that found on a rival retailers' storefront
  • Product model numbers (if any) are exactly identical
  • Both our product and the rival retailer's product have exactly the same specifications
  • Sufficient evidence is provided by the customer to suggest that the same product can indeed be purchased from the rival retailer at the point of time of request (FortyTwo Pte. Ltd. reserves the right to determine the sufficiency of evidence provided)
  • The price is set by a rival storefront that is located on mainland Singapore
  • The rival retailer's product must not be parallel imported from another country that is not authorised by the manufacturer for sale in the Singapore market
  • The rival price includes all the necessary taxes (including GST, if applicable) as dictated by Singapore Law

The process of requesting for a price match must be as follows:

  • FortyTwo Pte. Ltd. receives an email (sent to orders@fortytwo.sg) from the customer within 14 days from point of purchase providing evidence of such a disparity in pricing (through use of original advertisements, official paper quotations or active web links to e-commerce sites)
  • Customer has already purchased product from FortyTwo Pte. Ltd.
  • The customer should provide sufficient evidence to identify himself as either the person who placed the order, the person billed for purchase and/or the person who was the intended recipient of the purchased product

FortyTwo Pte. Ltd. may investigate the request by means of contacting the rival retailer and/or visiting the storefront in question and reserves the right to full discretion on deciding the legitimacy of the request. FortyTwo Pte. Ltd. also reserves the right to reject any request at its full discretion.

Upon confirming the legitimacy of Lowest Price Matching request, FortyTwo Pte. Ltd. will do the following:

  • Amend the listed price of the product to match the competitor's price
  • If product has been purchased within 14 days prior to the request, FortyTwo Pte. Ltd. will refund the full difference between the two prices to the customer who was billed for the original product

The Lowest Price Matching is only applicable to products found on this website (excluding all external Vendor items). We do not provide Lowest Price Matching for services and repairs.

The following price situations by competitor retailers do not qualify for Lowest Price Matching considerations: free gift promotions, special offers with financing plans, limited time offers, corporate prices, staff discounts, trade show prices, erroneous pricing, items out of stock at time of enquiry, items advertised to be of limited quantity, clearance items, factory outlet prices, refurbished/used items, mail-in offer prices, prices exclusive to membership programmes.

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